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By admin | April 1, 2014

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South Houston Lawn Service Prices

By admin | June 16, 2010

Houston Lawn Service

Houston Lawn Service

How much does it cost to get my yard cut in Houston?

This is the question that all lawn companies get asked on a daily basis. Some people even put it on their business cards. This can be misleading because if your yard is bigger than expected, they will often ask for more money leaving you the consumer unhappy.

By rule of thumb if you are asking for a basic yard cleanup, front and backyard, then you are looking anywhere from $35+ for an average 2-3 bedroom home (depending on height of grass).

This is a great deal because then you get to relax and scratch that chore off your to-do list. Lawn care companies are in the business of making sure their clients are happy with the end result. They also work off of referrals so the next time your lawn guy does a great job on cutting your grass, tell your friends and family about them. Also let your neighbor know about the service as well. Enjoy the summer and try to stay out the heat as much as possible.

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Lawn Service in Houston

By admin | January 13, 2010

Is your lawn ready to be serviced? Are you located in Houston, TX?

If so, give us a call and let us service your yard this spring and summer. You will not be disappointed, especially when you hear our prices. We do the best work in the business and we service lawns all over the greater Houston area. We are located in the South, Southeast Houston area close to I-45 and the Beltway.

If your location is close to this, then we should be your provider of lawn service, no questions asked. Give us a call and lets get you taken care of today!

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Houston Lawn Service

By admin | May 21, 2009

Is your yard an eyesore? Call Ramirez Lawn Care to service your yard. We will make sure your yard is nice and mowed quick. We’ll set up a time to come and make your yard looking clean and cut, the way yards should be. We understand that people are busy and so we want to give time back to our customers by taking over the yard duties, after all we are the ones with a green thumb.

Houston Lawn Service

Houston Lawn Service

Don’t be embarrassed by having high grass any longer, call Ramirez Lawn Care and schedule a time for us to come cut your grass!

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I’ll Beat the Summer Heat

By admin | July 7, 2008

Take the day off and let me come service your yard. I’ll cut your yard and edge your grass for a hard to beat price. Call Jaime today and schedule a time for Ramirez Lawn Care to come out to your place of residence.

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Ready To Service Your Lawn Care Needs

By admin | June 18, 2008

Ramirez Lawn Care is ready to come out to your place of residenceĀ or business and service your lawn care needs.

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